The Interdisciplinary Endovascular Aortic Symposium

The first-ever Interdisciplinary Endovascular Aortic Symposium (IDEAS 2015) met with unprecedented enthusiasm: the auditorium was invariably filled to capacity, with those unable to find a seat not only standing, but spilling out into the corridor beyond. An over-flow room was quickly found, with the lectures and debates being broadcast directly to it, expanding the symposium’s seating capacity greatly.

Due to this enthusiastic reception, IDEAS will return in 2016, taking place in Barcelona from September 11-13. Once again, a high-calibre multidisciplinary faculty will join us to discuss the most pressing issues currently faced by the field.


Amongst these will be new generation devices for EVAR, new techniques for thoraco-abdominal aneurysms (inner branch, FEVAR, multilayer, sandwich), arch disease management, and endoleak prevention and management.
A special Hot Topic Symposium will focus on emergencies, with guest speakers presenting 15-year follow-up data for EVAR and open repair, acute TEVAR for ruptured aneurysm and dissection, traumatic rupture of the thoracic aorta, and intramural haematoma and penetrating ulcers.

Fabrizio Fanelli (Rome/IT) Chairman


Christoph Binkert (Winterthur/CH)

Elias Brountzos (Athens/GR)

Ajay Chavan (Oldenburg/DE)

Robert Morgan (London/UK)

Johannes Lammer (Vienna/AT)

Eric Verhoeven (Nuremberg/DE)

Frank Vermassen (Ghent/BE)

Stephan Haulon (Lille/FR)

Join us for three days of high-intensity discussion and debate!