Expert Case Discussions



Due to the complexity of aortic repair procedures, the risks associated with this treatment remain substantial, and there are times when the process does not go as expected. At CIRSE 2017, two Expert Case Discussions will address complications that arose during EVAR and TEVAR procedures in two sessions titled A bad day in the angio suite. This session type is a unique format which provides experts with the opportunity to share their individualised approach on interesting cases. These are very audience- based sessions as they encourage participants to ask questions to the presenters and weigh in with their opinions by e-voting through the CIRSE app.In order to guide junior IRs through the fundamentals of EVAR and TEVAR, two case-based discussion Workshops will also be held during IDEAS 2017. We urge all those interested in getting involved to attend!


Monday, September 18, 2017

Expert Case Discussion
ECD 2103 A bad day in the angio suite – TEVAR


Co-ordinator: F. Fanelli (Rome/IT)


Panellists: M.D. Dake (Stanford, CA/US),

T. Kölbel (Hamburg/DE),

V. Riambau (Barcelona/ES),

H. Rousseau (Toulouse/FR)



Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Expert Case Discussion
ECD 2903 A bad day in the angio suite – EVAR


Co-ordinator: E. Verhoeven (Nuremberg/DE)


Panellists: K. Deloose (Dendermonde/BE),

A. Holden (Auckland/NZ),

B.T. Katzen (Miami, FL/US),

F.E. Vermassen (Ghent/BE)