Industry Training Village

The Training Village offers physicians the chance to engage with leading medical device companies who provide technologies and devices in the field of thoracic and abdominal aortic treatments.  Delegates have the opportunity to participate in free hands-on workshops to enhance their understanding of the avaialble medical devices.


This year, the following industry partners will provide exclusive hands-on workshops giving participants the chance to communicate with expert proctors on these devices:



 There are two workshop slots per day for the duration of the IDEAS programme (September 23-25). 


Workshops are generally planned to cover specific devices and techniques in order to provide an understanding of the treatment procedure, preoperative planning, device usage and postoperative management.


How to participate:

We recommend registering early since the number of participants will be limited. Simply click the appropriate boxes during your registration process for CIRSE 2018. If you are already registered for CIRSE 2018, just log in to your account to sign up for a workshop slot. 


Please note:

You can also register onsite at the assistants's table just outside of the Training Village. You will then be notified by the assistants whether a place has become available shortly before the start of the session accordingly.   




Kindly note: IDEAS Training Village is a non-CME activity