2018 Industry Workshops


in cooperation with Getinge


Sunday, September 23




ChEVAR with the EndurantTM Stent Graft System
Coordinators: K.P. Donas (Münster/DE), F. Azevedo (Münster/DE)


During this interactive workshop, the participants will gain deeper insight about the CE-approved indications and procedural steps of performing a ChEVAR procedure with the EndurantTM Stent Graft System. The facilitators will use case and video presentations as well as an aortic model to demonstrate the technique and transform the according knowledge to the participants.


Upon completion of the event, participants will be able to:

  • Recall the indications for ChEVAR with the EndurantTM Stent Graft System
  • Describe the optimal OR-setup and material needed for ChEVAR
  • State the procedural steps for performing a ChEVAR procedure for a single chimney



Sunday, September 23

14:00-15:30 / 15:30-17:00



The CERAB technique – a tailor made solution for the treatment of aortoiliac occlusive disease

Coordinators: P. Goverde (Antwerp/BE), A. Ruffino (Turin/IT)


Learning goals:

  • Why CERAB – clinical results & step by step (video)
  • Wire selection and handling
  • Stent placement in the aorta
  • Stent placement in the iliacs
  • Tips and tricks


in cooperation with Medtronic


Monday, September 24



The chimney endovascular technique in the treatment of juxtarenal aneurysms: "from alpha to omega"
Coordinators: K.P. Donas (Münster/DE), F. Azevedo (Münster/DE) 


The workshops provide the needed information to perform the chimney technique in a standardized and uniform manner including pre-operative planning, the procedure step by step and tips to optimize the clinical outcome.

Kindly note: A valid CIRSE registration is required to be able to attend sessions in the IDEAS Training Village. IDEAS Training Village is a non-CME activity.