Satellite Symposia

Company-sponsored Satellite Symposia take place at lunchtime as well as in the morning and in the evening. They provide cutting-edge information on interventional equipment and techniques.



Sunday, September 23, 2018    


08:00-08:20, Auditorium 2

Endologix International B.V.


SY 802 Durability with Ovation: results from the ENCORE analysis

Moderator: L. Maene (Aalst/BE)


802.1 An introduction to ENCORE: a contemporary analysis of 1296 patients

         A. Holden (Auckland/NZ)

802.2 Clinical experience and lessons learned with Ovation




Tuesday, September 25, 2018   


13:00-13:30, Auditorium 2



SY 2801 Why we do what we do

             Moderator: R.G. McWilliams (Liverpool/UK)


2801.1 The usage of BX covered stents as a bridging stent in complex aortic


           E. Verhoeven (Nuremberg/DE)

2801.2 Covered stens as a lifesaver in renal/visceral and iliac injuries

           M.A. Ruffino (Turin/IT)

2801.3 CERAB: the tailor made solution for Aortoiliac Occlusive Disease (AOID)

           P. Goverde (Antwerp/BE)



13:30-14:00, Auditorium 2



SY 2803 Long term results in the treatment of complex aortic diseases - the

             importance of trusted, reliable, proven, covered stents

             Moderator: A. Winterbottom (Cambridge/UK)


2803.1 Long term results of bridging stent-grafts in FEVAR/BEVAR

           E. Verhoeven (Nuremberg/DE)

2803.2 Bridging stents in fenestrated arch repair

           T. Kölbel (Hamburg/DE)