IDEAS Video Gallery

IDEAS 2017: Complex Aortic Stent Grafting

During the third Interdisciplinary Endovascular Aortic Symposium (IDEAS), we spoke to the Faculty about the indications, complications and development of complex endograft repair.

IDEAS 2016: Consolidating a New Endovascular Aortic Symposium

We caught up with interventionalists and surgeons at the second Interdisciplinary Endovascular Aortic Symposium, which took place during CIRSE 2016. 

IDEAS 2015: EVAR for ruptured AAA?

A key topic of debate was the use of endovascular repair for ruptured AAA – does it really offer any benefits compared with open repair? Faculty members Jim Reekers, Frank Veith and Johannes Lammer discuss the latest data.

Introducing IDEAS: The new endovascular aortic symposium

During CIRSE 2015 in Lisbon, a parallel symposium dedicated to endovascular aortic treatment was held for the first time.